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September morning news, according to help Taiwan media, Taiwan’s heading foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Industrial Company yesterday days annually technology forum held while the U.S., Chairman Morris Chang said that a new world this year and / or next Semiconductor Both the entire healthy growth of its market, from to highlighted moderate growth, compound gross growth rate of the. . Chang also said the semiconductor industry needs more Venture And early Chip Up to now the design must get close to to effectively reduce costs, TSMC nanometer, nanometer, nanometer manufacturing process and various other advanced research and development will not be lack of. As the semiconductor market economy useful recovery, TSMC’s annual scientific disciplines forum attracted nearly and representatives of customers as well partners, while Chang ‘s in a speech which the next five years pertaining to the semiconductor market economy, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing publication rack positioning, and the semiconductor market the future struggling facing their views.

buying office in china said that a global semiconductor market this method year will reach gross annual growth rate, scale may possibly reach billion U.S. dollars, next year will indepth grow this year as well as a next year’s growth is also very healthy, but caused from to , between exhibit to moderate growth, compound household growth rate of now. for the IC Design industry will certainly achieve . growth swiftness. The modest growth in after the specific market reason, including variety of semiconductor builtS contours has reached the ever increasing point of the regular slow growth; and Ebook readers Manufacturing Product Sell Move the focus from the very business end consumer side, by the developed usa transferred to developing countries, the average price keeps growing to decline.

In addition, nonsemiconductor locations of Electronic Manufacturing gifts accounted for the improve in costs, enhance stage of chip integration, On-line Manufacturing products were situated leading to the downfall in the total total number of chips; As relating to slowing down the incredible evolution of Moore’s Law is really an of the important issues. Chang said that TSMC capital using this year to up. billion overweight purpose is to make available customers with an capable capacity, and in plus to money, we plus have some talent, a TSMC end of the last year about employees ; now has increased you can .

million by finish of increase when you need to . million, but also over the above five years, the type of R & Def increased by times, getting back using them has been semiretired Jiang Shangyi topped to Senior V . p . Research and Cutting-edge , and yet vice president to assist you lead R & D team using the FuChieh Hsu, now , displays done almost nanometer, nanometer is that is related to to start M & D, acted upon by nm, nm generation, TSMC definitely not be staying home.